Monday, February 25, 2008

4:28 a.m.

Oh! Hey!! We're in the home stretch!! Only three awards left!!! (You can tell I'm tired by my excessive use of the exclamation points).

Next up: Best Actor. 

Mr. Movie tipped Greenwich's favourite son Daniel Day-Lewis to win. "I'm going to vote for the Greenwich guy," Mr. Movie said. (DDL even thanked Greenwich in his BAFTA acceptance speech. Will he do it again?)

Everyone else thinks he's going to win too. He carried "There Will Be Blood" from start to finish. You couldn't take your eyes off of him. 

There's Helen Mirren in her fabulous red dress. It's the sort of thing I would wear, if I were an Oscar winner. But alas, I'll sit here in my PJs instead. 

There's DDL (sorry. it's late and his name is long.)! 

Johnny Depp was also very good in "Sweeney Todd." Who knew he could sing? And of course, there's our man George, but I think he knows he's not going to win.

As expected, DDL wins, but he just gave George a handshake and a kiss. Lucky DDL, for both the win, and being able to kiss George Clooney. It's got to be said that you have to be incredibly secure in your masculinity to wear TWO hoop earrings. Or be a pirate.

I should also say that DDL grew up in a house about 400 meters away from MarathonMum HQ. 

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RandomReality said...

Oops. You did write about George. Ignore my other comment.