Friday, January 28, 2005

Training Day

Today would have been a picture-perfect day to show how horrendous training can be sometimes. A cold rain fell from a dark-grey sky, while the wind whizzed around us as we did intervals alongside the Thames. Intervals-- for the non-runners among you-- are short sprints followed by recovery runs. Today, it was two minutes of sprinting followed by two minutes of jogging, which I had to do six times. Even under normal circumstances with Nicholas joining me in his buggy, today would be far from a fun day. But add the vile weather into it and I found myself digging deep to get going. The only thing that got me out there was my fear of failure and my need to prove I can do this. If not for that, I would have just stopped at the Starbucks on my way to the river and stayed there until Nicholas' swimming lesson. But alas, I did it, and I felt twice as proud of myself for having done it. Next up: an 11-mile run on Sunday.