Monday, February 25, 2008

3:10 a.m.

I find myself studying Forest Whitaker's eyes to see if they're-- there's no other way to put this-- wonky. Having watched "The Last King of Scotland" again this weekend, I didn't know if the eye thing was for his performance of Idi Amin, or if it's something else. Seems like it was for the role.

Unusually Mr. Movie picked Ellen Page to win this category.

But Marion Coiltiard wins it! And she gives Forest a big hug. She seems so genuinely happy, you have to be happy for her. Unless you're Julie Christie.

This also means that Cate Blanchett got two nominations and walked away with nothing. Bummer for her. She enthusiastically clapped for Marion, though, so maybe she didn't care.

Oh no! Claudia Winkleman said we're only at the half-way point! How can that be!!

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Ajith said...

ur posts names are peculiar ..... pointing to time at MIDNIGHT?