Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Duper Tuesday

Yesterday was Super Duper Tuesday. Why was it Super Duper, you ask? Because:
• We voted in the Illinois Presidential Primary. Isn't the Absentee Ballot a beautiful thing?
• It was also Pancake Day, a joyful British tradition (see above). 

First, the presidential primary (with photo to follow). Even though we haven't lived in the U.S. for nine years, we still get to vote. We also get to file annually with the IRS, so if anyone complains about the first statement, I retort with that salient fact. Thing One, Thing Two and I have been discussing the presidential race frequently, talking about the positions of the candidates and who they are. One afternoon before the Iowa caucuses we sat down with a big newspaper spread showing pictures of all the candidates. I pointed to the Republican side of the spread and said, "We don't care about that side. We're Democrats."

Thing One is most impressed with Barack Obama's environmental positions, and because Thing Two does whatever Thing One does, he feels the same way. The feminist in me made sure that they understood that there was no reason why a woman couldn't be president. 

So yesterday before we went off to our Pancake Day party, we sat down with my absentee ballot and I showed them how it worked. It was like our very own "Super Duper Tuesday" (as the BBC called it) polling place. I also had to explain that it will be a long time before we know who the next president will be.

Following the voting, we set off for the party, where the boys got to flip and eat traditional British pancakes, which are more like crepes and do not resemble American pancakes at all. Pancake Day is a big deal in England-- all the supermarkets have a large display of ingredients because they assume nearly everyone will eat one that day. 

The boys had their fill of pancakes at the party, followed by general merriment and joy. And that, my friends, made for a Super Duper Tuesday.

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RandomReality said...

Mmmm. Pancakes. But I must say that one pancake looks like it has legs.