Monday, February 25, 2008

12:24 a.m.

Gary Bussey is the one who was yelling at Ryan Seacrest and poor Jennifer Garner. I think he was drunk or high or both. I think we have to give props to Laura Linney, who got Jennifer Garner out of there. I wonder where Ben Affleck is? Is he home babysitting?

E! likes Jennifer Garner's whole look, but they're dissing the black too. 

There's Javier Bardem and he brought his mom. Oh, you have to love that. And he got a haircut (though I'm not surprised). 

Cameron Diaz has gone for blush pink, too. I think she learned something from the bride look of last year. (Thought that might have been at the Golden Globes).

Tilda Swinton, who is beautiful, is wearing a black sack. There's no other way to describe what she's wearing.

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