Sunday, February 24, 2008

Live Blogging from the Oscars

Yes, MarathonMum fans. I've taken my Disco Nap and I'm ready to go. It's Oscar Night 2008!!

As it's been for the last two years, I'll be live blogging the event in order to stay awake. Stars! Dresses! Speeches! Who could ask for more?

And who better to kick off the night than our man George Clooney? The man for whom All Women Over A Certain Age have a crush. How could you not love a man who comes over to dinner and then goes up into the attic with a flashlight when some sort of an alarm goes off and he wants to find the source?

(Our man) George was nominated as Best Actor for "Michael Clayton", which we watched last night. It was a fantastic film, but I don't think it'll beat "There Will Be Blood" or "No Country for Old Men." Nor will George win, we think. That honour will go to Greenwich's Favourite Son, Daniel Day-Lewis.

At the moment, I'm toggling between E! and Sky One. Sadly, it's hard to hear on Sky One, and E! seems to have more actual Red Carpet coverage, which is key at this point in the night, because I just want to see the dresses. 

Ah! First beautiful dress of the night. Anne Hathaway has a beautiful red dress on. I love it. I didn't catch who it was from, but it's totally the type of dress I would want to wear. 

Sadly, I have no co-host with me this year, as Amazing Anne who joined me last year on the sofa, couldn't make it this year. She has to fly out to Istanbul in the morning, and that would be difficult to do if we have to stay up until 5:17 a.m., like we did last year. I can guarantee I won't be as funny by myself. But given that I have a readership of one for Oscar Night, I'm not too concerned.

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