Monday, February 25, 2008

4:11 a.m.

Tom Hanks just walked out, though this year it appeared that he did not walk out swearing at someone or something, like he did in 2006.

This is cool. They're letting some U.S. military people introduce the nominees for Best Documentary Short Subject, as well as name the winner.

Mr. Movie had picked "Sari's Mother", But "Freeheld" actually won.

Gotta give props to the makers of "Freeheld" who seem to be working moms. Hooray for them! It's a 38-minute movie. I doubt LoveFilm is going to have it to borrow. We once met a nominee for this category in Chicago. He had been nominated for a film about making paper. Seriously.

Long-form documentary now. Mr. Movie picked "War/Dance" because he loved the dancing. Actually, no he's never seen it, and never have I. "Taxi to the Dark Side" wins. Mr. Movie is now 6-14.

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