Monday, February 25, 2008

12:05 a.m.

Juno, I mean, Ellen Pge is wearing a nice red dress, but it's not as stunning as Anne Hathaway's. I suspect she had some sort of stylist coaching her because she doing all sorts of poses and making weird faces. But she looks a lot nicer than she has in any other picture I've seen.

Dwayne Johnson is talking to Ryan Seacrest at E! Who the hell is Dwayne Johnson?? And he's presenting, Ryan just told us. Talk about punching above your weight!

James McEvoy and Anne-Marie Duff are talking to E! This year they seem to know who he is. I guess that's what a nomintion (Which he got last year) will do for you. They even Id'ed Anne Marie Duff, but I guarantee they had to ask someone. She's a big stage actress here, but I bet Ryan didn't know who she is. They're both very witty in a British sort of way. Anne-Marie Duff has a stunning blue dress on, and looks lovely.

I'm noticing lots of black dresses this year, which is making me sleepy, even at this early hour. 

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