Monday, February 25, 2008

3:16 a.m.

How you can tell the writers have been on strike:

Jon Stewart opened up by playing Wii tennis with some young girl (didn't catch who she is). Seriously? Couldn't you just introduce Colin Farrell?

Another song nominee, this one from "Once," which I haven't seen. Happy to report that I have been able to resist the siren song of both (a) coffee and (b) chocolate chip cookies up until now.

Also, since we're sitting through the song, you might be wondering what your Oscar hostess is wearing. Well, it's beautiful-- a custom made Vera Wang gown in blue. Gorgeous.

Oh wait. That was in my fabulous parallel life. I am in fact wearing oh-so-fabulous jimjams from our friends at Nick and Nora, topped off with a sweatshirt from the boys at Pine Street Carpenters. Lets give it up for the Dolan brothers!

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