Monday, February 25, 2008

2:16 a.m.

Jennifer Hudson (looking lovely in white) is here to present the first acting award of the night: Best Supporting Actor. 

Mr. Movie picked Javier Bardem for "No Country for Old Men." I have to say, Javier is lovely with a haircut. Watching the clips, I am reminded as to how amazing Hal Holbrook was in "Into the Wild."

As expected, the Oscar goes to Javier Bardem. He just shook hands (rather than shoot them with an air gun) with Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin. He just said something to his mother in Spanish. Sadly, my four years of Spanish isn't enough to translate for you, MarathonMum fans.

Mr. Movie is now 3-3 with his choices. 

I'm also wondering if Thing One will hear me and come down to join me for the Oscar broadcast. I told him if he woke up in the night, he could do it, but I doubt it'll happen. 

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RandomReality said...

Jennifer Hudson looked pretty but needed a better bra!