Monday, February 25, 2008

1:02 a.m.


It's starting! It's starting!! Oh, wait. Not yet. Sky Movies is filling airtime with people you (nor I) has ever heard of, talking about the Oscars.

My questions for the night:
1. Are Angelina and Brad there?
2. Will the celebration be somewhat subdued, given the Writers Strike has just settled?
3. Will Ratatouille win?
4. Will Heath Ledger be the last actor honored in the list of "Those Who Passed This Year" (I thought it'll be either him or Robert Altman, but I just checked, and he died in 2006.)
5. Will I see any mice in the early hours? (Back in the days of working for, one of the overnight editors would always end her notes with the number of mice she saw in the night. I fear I might have to do the same here at MarathonMum HQ, though we haven't seen one in a while. But I think I just heard something. I will stomp the floor to make them scurry away, if need be.).

1 comment:

RandomReality said...

You were so right about Heath being the last actor honored in the list of Dead Actors!!!