Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar Pre-Game 23:43

Emily Blunt, and her boyfriend whom I've never heard of, is talking to Ryan Seacrest, whom I've also never heard of. Emily said she's presenting with her friend Annie. It's like I'm Emily and Annie is Anne Hathaway and we're presenting the Oscars! That would us!!

Tipper again! Still looking zaftig in brown! Al is still a dork!

Al is talking about climate change and HE'S BRINGING ME DOWN! It's Oscar night, for goodness sake!!!! Mr. MarathonMum, making a guest appearance, wants to know if Al has offset his flight to L.A. today, and he'd also like to know about his carbon footprint in relation to plugging his film.


Anonymous said...

I think Al is kind of cute! Kel

TomStapes said...

Not that he is all that important, but Ryan Seacrest is also the host of American Idol, which is this little talent show over on this side of the pond...
He is also the heir-apparent to Dick Clark. Ryan has his own TV production company and has produced a couple of shows recently.