Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Night 4:22 a.m.

We finally figured out what Jennifer Lopez is doing there-- she's doing the introduction for one of the Dreamgirls songs.

Jennifer (we're so tired right now, I just had to look up her surname) Hudson has changed into a most fabulous red dress, but she still is, in Anne's words, "zaftig." I believe she's also got some incredibly serious support work going on underneath that dress that probably deserves its own Oscar.

Anne and I are now quite concerned that with Beyonce on the scene, we're going to be faced with some sort of dueling song thing, ala Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey a few years ago. Maybe one or the other will push the other one down. I'd put my money on Jennifer Hudson kicking Beyonce's ass. But I'm pretty sure they'll save that for the Vanity Fair party.

This must be some sort of medley of "Dreamgirls" songs. All we can say is we hope this award is going to be presented soon. We're getting tired and crabby.

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