Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Night! 1:31 a.m.

Oooh! It's starting!!!

It's some sort of wierd clip job featuring nominees-- some we've seen before, but a lot we've never seen before.

They're now all saying they'll thank their mom. Then some joker said he'd thank he'd thank his in-laws, and then if he thanked them, he'd better thank his mom too. It wasn't that funny, unfortunately. Bring back George Clooney in bed with Jon Stewart!

Now they've asked all the nominees to stand up.

Ellen DeGeneres just entered and they showed her mom who looks incredibly proud. Isn't that nice. And her mom is sitting next to her girlfried, Portia di Rossi, who FINALLY looks as though she's had something to eat. How nice for her.

Ellen just said, "It's the most international Oscars ever!" How do they know that? But from here in Britain we say, "Hello! Hello!"

Now Ellen says there's been too many British nominees. That's just sour grapes. Then she apologizes, and says she didn't really mean it, but adds, "At home in my pyjamas with half a box of chardonnay who knows what I would say," Ellen said. How does she know what we're doing here in London??

Abigail Breslin! Hooray! She looks SOOOOO cute. Her dress is so perfect and great. Two thumbs up from us at MarathonMum headquarters.

Now there's Jennifer Hudson. Oh, thank god, she's taken off the Judy Jetson jacket! Maybe she's been reading MarathonMum and read what we were saying over here in London.

OH! A gospel choir at the Oscars. How different. Now, without further adieu, on to the first award. Art direction. Time for a bathroom break. (perhaps that is TMI for you)

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