Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Night! 3:08 a.m.

Tom Cruise is presenting an honorary (I have to use the U.S. spelling, since it's a U.S. award) Oscar to Sherry Lansing. We scan the audience to see if Nicole Kidman is clapping. Lucky for us, she's wearing red, so she's easy to spot-- and she's clapping!

We like Sherry's dress, and even better, her speech is short, so Anne doesn't have to yell at the T.V.

Gwenyth Paltrow is presenting Cinematography. I hope "Children of Men" wins, because (and not that I'm an expert) the cinematography was amazing. But the juggernaught of "Pan's Labrynith" continues and they win.

So Anne's not yelling at the TV, but she is making fun of Gwenyth Paltrow's spanish. I think we're both getting drunk on caffiene. I'm not even tired!

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