Sunday, February 25, 2007

Welcome to Oscar Night!

Welcome to MarathonMum Oscar Night!

The wine has beeen poured, the coffee is ready and the treats (cake and chocolate chip cookies) are ready to go.

Your hosts for the evening are MarathonMum and my friend Anne.

We are toggling between SkyOne's coverage and E! "Live from the Red Carpet." It's obvious that it's early in the evening, because it's all the marginal stars who have arrived. Right now, SkyOne is interviewing Scottish superstar James McElvoy from "Last King of Scotland" and Michael Sheen from "The Queen." As we live in Britain, we could identify them immediately, but I'm sure the good people from E! had no idea who they were.

We also just briefly saw Gael Garcia Bernal, star of "Babel" and who I once saw in person on stage in "Blood Wedding" at the Almeida. He is very short, but quite lovely.

Oh! Joan Rivers just appeared and she is assaulting our eyes by being a vision in Red! Red! Red! Red fur, red dress. She looks, in a word, awful. And though she's made no secret of her love of plastic surgery, we agree that she's starting to look like a freak.

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