Monday, March 06, 2006

2:46 a.m.

This is my 20th post of the night. In one night I've managed to boost my Blogger posts. I know I haven't done much lately, MarathonMum fans, but I'm making up for it tonight. It's just that Blogging isn't a big priority when you're trying to sell your flat and move to a new house. I won't bore you with the sad details, but the whole process has been a trial, to say the least. However, we have a tentative date to move next Tuesday, but we'll see. We've had two other moving dates, too, and we're still here.

As a result of the potential house move, I haven't done much running, either. There was even a 10K at Greenwich Park today that I missed. I'll do it next year for sure.

Back to the Oscars: Sky Movies One actually cut away in the middle of the Original Score performance by Itzak Perleman. This brings up an important note: I know that I am misspelling some of these names and I'm very sorry. I'm just too tired and lazy to look them all up.

Brokeback Mountaint finally won something, for the score, which I did like.

The interesting thing about the acceptance speeches is how they're starting up the music as soon as the winner starts talking. Is that some sort of subliminal strategy to get them to wind it up quicker? I think it's working.

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