Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Morning, 12:05 a.m.

Oh, the Oscars!! One of my most favourite events of the year, combining my loves of the movies, superstars and fashion.

You have to know how much I love it if I've roused myself from a warm sleep to get up and watch it. In the U.S., being a devotee of the Oscars doesn't require a mid-afternoon nap and the need to get up in the middle of the night.

This year, I was pondering how I would be able to stay up through the whole broadcast. Two years ago, I used the time to create a mail and document filing system that is still in place to this day (I used to just pile things up). Last year, I took notes throughout the broadcast for my next-day blog. I was wondering what I could do this year to stay awake and I realized, "I shall blog throughout!" Now, through the wonder of wireless broadband, I can stay awake and entertain all three of you who happen to be reading MarathonMum.

OOh. George Clooney! Doesn't he look lovely! I hope he wins.

I've switching between the coverage on Sky Movies One (for which I had to sign up specially) and E! (and how great is it that I finally have E! even if Joan Rivers isn't on it anymore).

There's Naomi Watts. Is she pregnant? I don't like her dress, though. It's a terrible, terrible colour: biege. Why in the world would you wear beige to the Oscars. She says it's Givenchy, but yuck.

Now Paul Giamatti is talking. Isn't he witty? I think the airhead woman he's speaking to doesn't fully appreciate his intelligence. She seems a bit befuddled by his answers. I don't think he's going to win, though.

Hey! Helena Bonham Carter with Tim Burton and she looks great. usually, she looks slightly off, in some strange way, but she looks beautiful. I'm guessing she's wearing Vivenne Westwood, flying the British flag and all that.

Now the couple of the night: Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams. Heath is all gushy about the greatest thing about Brokeback Mountain was "Meeting this lovely lady here." She's wearing yellow, but I didn't get a great look at the dress. That'll come later.

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