Monday, March 06, 2006

3:40 a.m.

Best Foreign Language Film winner gives a good speech and seems genuinely thrilled.

Oh no. Another black dress. This one is worn by the star of "Memoirs of a Geisha" whose name I don't even want to attempt. Why is she, of all people, wearing black? She wore a beautiful bright yellow dress to the Golden Globes (I think, or it might have been the Baftas). People: Black is Boring! I just saw her shimmering sequined skirt, but black is still boring.

"Crash" just won something. I did like that movie quite a lot. Oh, it's the film editing award. This clown just thanked his assistant. A classic listing acceptance. But they let him get it all in.

Ooh. Hilary Swank. Another boring black dress, though it's better than the one she wore last year. She doesn't look as sad as she did at the Golden Globes.

But crucially, she's presenting an award I actually care about: Best Actor. I predict Phillip Seymour Hoffman, even though I haven't yet seen Capote. I hope he wins because (again) he's one of those rare actors who elevates whatever movie he's in. He's just fantastic, full stop.

Heath Ledger has a mustache! What's that about? Joaquin Phoenix should probably win if Hoffman doesn't. He was INCREDIBLE in "Walk the Line" and he does all his own singing too.

Yeah! Phillip Seymour Hoffman wins! Kudos to Joaquin Phoenix, though, who looks genuinely happy for Hoffman. What an actor. Maybe he should win a special Oscar for Best Loser.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman should win a SECOND Oscar for best acceptance speech, given the heartfelt thanks he gave to his mother (a win for moms everywhere) AND being able to mention the NCAA tourny in the same speech. Now that's talent!

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