Monday, March 06, 2006

1 a.m.

Ooh. It's starting. Hooray!

It's some sort of CGI compilation of all sorts of movie clips. I bet Jon Stewart, a William and Mary alum just like Mr. MarathonMum, is really nervous right about now.

That introduction was hilarious. How lucky is John Stewart to be in bed with George Clooney? I was wondering what he would do without a desk for his monologue, and now I know: he's going to stand behind a podium.

Charlize Theron has something growing on her shoulder. Has anyone told her that?

Kiera Knightly is sitting next to Jack Nicholson. Is he dating her now? I like her dress, though. It's Vera Wang, apparently. In case you're wondering, Vera Wang is who I'll wear when I go to the Oscars. Someday.

Matt Dillon is looking great. He was good in Crash, too, though I haven't picked him to win. I think my man George will be the one to beat in that category. We saw Syriana on Saturday and he was pretty good, though I think Matt Dillon was better. But I think George will win in acting because he probably won't win in any of his other categories. But only time will tell.

I feel for Jon Stewart. His monologue doesn't seem to be going so well.

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