Monday, March 06, 2006

1:16 a.m.

The first award of the night: Best Supporting Actor. Nicole Kidman is giving out the award. It'd be nice if she could give it to her friend, George. Why didn't the actress who won Best Supporting Actress last year giving out the award? Who was that? A quick check while they show the clips....

No time.

Yeah! George wins. "OK, so I'm not the winning director," is the first thing he says. Oh, so funny. He seems to talking off the cuff, but doing it very well. I'll give him extra points if he doesn't thank his agent or accountant. And he doesn't! Good for him. Now THAT was a great speech. Well done, George!

Poor Matt Dillon and Jake Gyllenhaal look REALLY disappointed they didn't win. Maybe it won't be a Brokeback Mountain juggernaut afterall.

Now I've got time to answer my previous question: Cate Blanchett won Best Supporting Actress last year. Why couldn't they bring her in? (I remember the other three acting awards from last year, though: Hillary Swank, actress; Jamie Foxx, actor; and Morgan Freeman, supporting actor. (Note to self: I still need to see "Ray.")

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