Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Night 2011!

Oscar Night 2011, or as I'm calling it, "The Night 'The King's Speech' Won."

We all want The King's Speech to win. You would think that Toy Story 3 would be the household favourite, for obvious reasons, but we like to back a winner. Also, some scenes were filmed in Greenwich, so we like to support our hometown.

Some thoughts before the Big Event Begins:

Dresses I love:
-Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang. (I know I've said this before, but when I finally get nominated as Best Actress, I'll wear Vera Wang to the ceremony).
-Helena Bonham Carter. I'm sure she's wearing Vivenne Westwood, as she usually does. It looks as though she went to the trouble of wearing matching shoes tonight. I hope she wins, particularly because I can see that she brought her mother to the ceremony.
- Helen Mirren looks amazing. Again. Something for all of us to shoot for when we get older.

Dresses that are making me wrinkle my nose in distaste:
-Scarlett Johansson. Hate the colour. Hate the lace. Hate the whole thing.
-Nicole Kidman. It's interesting, but I'm not sure about it.

-Natalie Portman looks beautiful, but incredibly nervous. If I were her, I'd be worried about The Curse of the Best Actress Win. Come on. Think about it. The last few years, nearly every woman who's won it (with the exception of Helen Mirren) ended up breaking up with their husband or partner. Maybe she doesn't want to suffer the same fate.

-Gwyneth Paltrow looks like a female version of Oscar. I wonder if she'll talk about this on Goop. It's hard to believe she's got a cookbook coming out later this year, looking at her in that dress.

So I'll be here all night. Or not, if it gets boring. I was thinking about this before. The need to see it all live is not as great as it once was. We'll see if I last the night.


Camilla said...

I'm here with you, and since it's five hours earlier, I'd be embarrassed no to stick it out until the end. Here are my thoughts on the carpet:

Love the tangerine: Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway.
Love the sparkly white: Michelle Williams, Melissa Leo, Celine Dion, even Gwyneth.
Love in Hailee Steinfeld in her prom dress; she is 14 after all.
LOVED Sharon Stone and Helen Mirren. There is still hope for our later years.
Agree on Scarlett and Nicole. Not sure about those dresses.
Penelope's dress is just OK, but that she looks so amazing after having a baby, WOW.
DID NOT like: Mila Kunis, Amy Adams, Russel Brand (and Scarlett and Nicole)

Added note: did you know the actor who played the Winklevii does not have twin?

M.A. Stapleton said...

I'm not so sure about the Jennifer Lawrence, but Jennifer Hudsom looks amazing. I missed Anne Hathaway No. 1.
I agree about Michelle Williams.
Hailee Steinfield looks perfect. love it.
I have to disagree about Mila Kunis and Amy Adams. I liked them both. Loved the color of Mila's.

p.s. I did know about the one actor playing both twins. He had to shoot both scenes twice. Sounds exhausting.