Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Greenwich Park 2K Fun Run

Thing One and Thing Two mentally preparing for the run.

What better way to celebrate Mothering Sunday than a 2K Fun Run with your sons?

It was a spectacular Sunday, perfect for a morning race. Thing One spent most of the morning running around the house, saying that he needed to practice. I kept trying to explain to him that he ought to conserve his energy, not spend it. Thing Two just kept worrying about falling again at the start, which was fair enough.

Both Thing One and Thing Two are race veterans, having done this same race a year ago. The family mantra for the race was, "No sitting on benches!" since after the race last year, Thing One admitted that he wanted a little rest in the middle of the race, so sat down on one of the many benches along the route.

We got to the start, with Thing One lined up at the front and Thing Two and I hanging all the way in the back. Thing Two kept tugging on my hand, wanting us to go farther forward in the start scrum, but I kept telling him, "No. We're good back here. Trust me."

The gun sounded and we were off. Thing One sprinted ahead, while Thing Two and I held hands and did a nice slow and steady run. Luckily, we didn't trip over anyone at the start, so that's already an improvement on previous performances.

This year, we weren't battling for last (that honour went to a boy who looked about 3 and his dad), and in fact, our "slow and steady" race strategy proved to be a winner as we passed about five people in the latter part of the race. Constant encouragement-- "You're doing awesome" or "You're so fast!"-- seemed to help.

Before I knew it, we were on the final straightaway to the finish. "Run as fast as you can!" I told him, "You could even beat that girl in front of you!" (and he did).

At the finish, we met up with Thing One, who told me, "My lungs were about to burst!" to which I replied, "That's the fun part!"

I don't know what our times were, but it doesn't matter. Thing Two was convinced he had won, because he got a medal. But our official times don't matter, it was a brilliant morning.
Thing Two and Thing One exhausted after the race.

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RandomReality said...

This was great. You should freelance this for a running magazine, if they have a commentary or First Person section. It was very sweet.