Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Weekend in London: A Weather Recap

Even though it was officially Spring as of Friday, it didn't feel like it this Easter weekend, the earliest since 1913*. The next time it will be this early will be in 2228, provided the Earth is still a viable living planet then.

* If you're wondering how Easter Sunday is determined, it is always the first Sunday after the first full moon of the Spring Equinox. Since the full moon fell on the first day of spring this year, Easter was Sunday. The earliest Easter can be is March 22 and the latest it can be is April 25, according to this formula set in 325 A.D.

I guess since we were straddling two seasons, we had EVERY type of weather this weekend. No meteorological stone was left unturned. Here in Greenwich, we experienced:
• Hail (see picture above);
• Sun;
• Snow;
• Wind;
• Rain;
• Thunder;
• Lightening.
I don't think I left anything out. For that matter, I don't think there's anything left.

Of course, because Thing One and Thing Two are back in school today, it is lovely and sunny, albeit cold.

However, MarathonMum HQ is warmed by the fact that VILLANOVA IS IN THE SWEET SIXTEEN! Sweet!!

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RandomReality said...

That's wacky. Did you piss off the gods???
Go 'Nova!!!! Yeahh!!!!