Friday, March 04, 2005

The Baby Buggy Marathon

I hate to sound like a broken record by constantly moaning about the weather, but you would too if you had to run in it. (If Nicholas, my personal trainer, could talk I could only imagine what he would say about it). It was snowing again this morning as we headed off to school. Andrew loves it, he was skipping all the way there while exclaiming, "I love this weather!" He also stopped occasionally to taste some snowflakes.

As I type this at 2:30 p.m., however, you'd never know this morning was a winter wonderland, since all the snow has melted away. So no sledding today, either.

I find when I do go out when the weather is atrocious, that you attract a special sort of attention, paricularly when you've got such a notable personal trainer as I do. The other morning, when it was raining/snowing/windy, we were running along the Thames when I heard someone behind me. The path was narrow, so the bloke bicycling behind me had to coast along until the path got wider. Luckily, I was doing sprints, so he didn't know how slow I REALLY am.

When he passed me, he asked, "Are you training for the baby buggy marathon or something?"

(And to my American friends, let me know how incredibly UNUSUAL it is for a British person to talk to a stranger).

I replied, "Well, I am training for the London marathon!"

He looked back and said, "Really? Blimey!"

As he biked away, I said, "And you thought you were being funny!"

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Michelle Mitchell said...

:-) ya there are alot of people that probably think we are mad. but it will be worth it all in the end.