Saturday, March 12, 2005

Fine Dining in the Axis of Evil

Tim (For our new readers joining us, welcome! Tim is my husband) left Friday night for a business trip. Ordinarily, this event would not merit mentioning, but he happens to be going to Iran.

That's right, sports fans, straight into the heart of the Axis of Evil. But surprisingly, as an American, he can still travel there. While the State Department restricts trips into Cuba, presumably because they're not fans of cigar smoking, Americans can freely travel in and out of Iran. As a child of the '80s, all I can keep thinking about is the hostage crisis at the embassy and how we kept a daily count of the number of days it had been going on in my fifth grade class.

The State Department's web site is very comforting when I check it for information. It tells me, "Tensions generated by the current situation in Iraq have increased the potential threat to U.S. citizens and interests abroad posed by those who oppose U.S. policy." I told Tim before he left that if anybody asked, he should tell him he's Canadian and say "a-boot." He'll be there covering the OPEC meeting until Friday night.

Andrew, however, is happily oblivious to all of this. He wrote an e-mail to his dad earlier today. He wrote:
Hi Dad.
I hope you have a great trip. I bet there are good restaurants.
Love, Andrew

What is the eating out situation in Iran? I will report back next week.

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