Friday, March 11, 2005

Happy Red Nose Day

Here in the United Kingdom, it is Red Nose Day. For my American readers, this is an annual charity event sponsored by the BBC to raise money in Africa. As with many things, the event is much more exciting and fun if you have children.

At Andrew's school, all children were encouraged to do something crazy with their hair (see picture-- thanks for the red hairspray, Gaynor!) and wear their clothes backwards. Man, was Andrew excited. He ran all the way to school. OK, to be honest, we ran all the way to school because we were incredibly late owing to The Hair, but he was still very excited.

All week in school they've been talking about why the money is necessary and where it will be going. It obviously had an impact on our favorite five year old. "Some children don't have books or pencils or shoes," Andrew told me. "It's very, very, very sad. We're going to raise money so they can go to school."

So for those of you in a charitable mood, click on the link to the right so you can send a girl to school in Africa! And you won't have to color your hair red to do it, unless, of course, you feel like it.

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