Saturday, March 26, 2005

20 Miles! Whee!!!

I celebrated Easter Eve by going for a 20-mile run. Despite my best intentions of leaving by 7 a.m. (or 7:30 a.m. at the VERY latest), I didn't get out the door until 9:30 a.m. I was waylaid by needing to know how my university fared in the NCAA basketball tournament (they lost by ONE LOUSY POINT), eating some breakfast, wanting to read some of the newspaper, and then, when I was really working for a Gold Medal in procrastination, helping unpack our Easter grocery delivery.

Finally, I was on my way. It was a beautiful morning-- perfect, really. Sunny but not too hot (just 9C degrees/50F). I am extremely picky when it comes to the weather when I do these long runs. I know that. I think my acceptable range is about 2 degrees Celsius in either direction. I hate being too hot after getting sunstroke when pregnant with Andrew. I hate getting too cold after getting frostbite one winter evening in the Pittsburgh International Airport parking lot. But I digress.

I followed the marathon route from my designated start (the Blue, for those in the know), rather than the start I had been using since January (the Red). I continued along but thought I had missed Ha-Ha Road. Yes, sports fans, there really is a road called the Ha-Ha Road on the London Marathon route. All I could keep thinking about was Nelson from "The Simpsons" saying, "Ha Ha!" (For the Simpsons fans among you, check out their official website at It's hilarious). I continued on, thinking I had taken a wrong turn, but when I checked the map upon my return, I went exactly the right way. I got off the marathon route just after mile four, then ran along the river until my lovely family (Mom, Dad, Tim, Andrew, and Nicholas, who tried to steal Postman Pat's Jess cat) met up with me for a water break at the Cutty Sark (mile 10).

Then came the tough part, the second half. I crossed the river to the Isle of Dogs to pick up the marathon route again. After last week's monumental effort in the heat, I was feeling really good. I kept seeing other people practicing out on the course-- the giveaway is the water bottle and the tired look they (usually) have on their face. On my way back down West Ferry Road (about mile 17 for me), I gave directions to another couple also out on the course. I thought for sure they would pass me as I am so slow it's absurd, but they didn't! Hooray for me!

I am tired, but very happy. Even better, it took me less time to do 20 miles this week than it did to do the 19 I did last week in the terrible heat (only just, but still). Now bring on to the Easter chocolate and booze!


Anonymous said...

VERY upset about Villanova losing, especially since one of my friends went to Carolina and I kept tormenting her and telling her she would cry. And now, WAHHHH! It is I who cry.

However, I found solace in the tale of Andrew and His Hat and how Not Everyone Can be a Winner. That would make a good children's book.

KQ --

Anonymous said...

I spent much of Easter weekend watching basketball in South Bend and at O'Hare. Nova totally got robbed. That was NOT travelling. Lame refs.