Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My friend Ellie

I never was one to be all that in tune with my body. Honestly, my toenails would nearly be curling over the tops of my toes before I noticed they needed to be cut. But all of this running has changed that.

My friend Ellie, who also happens to be My Most Excellent Pilates Teacher, is always reminding me, "You have to listen to your body." She has a quiet authority about her that makes you want to do what she says-- maybe that's why she's such a good teacher. I have been trying to do precisely that because I really want to avoid having an injury, particularly this late in the game. Ellie is also an avid runner, so she knows what she's talking about.

I had a truly horrible run on Sunday (Happy Mothering Sunday to me, huh?). If my body could have talked that day it wouls have screamed, "PLEASE! TAKE ME HOME!" I had some sort of stomach virus, my knees were in revolt and my achillies heel was turning into My Achillies Heel. Consequently, I did a short run of only 11 miles. I am truly living in some sort of alternative reality when I describe 11 miles as short and use the adjective "only." So I took a nice, long, hot bath and tried to think positive thoughts. I think Ellie would have approved.

Apparently, my actions worked because I've had two most fabulous runs yesterday and today. I did a quick six miles yesterday and felt great. Nicholas and I did sprints today and I actually did some gift shopping on the way home. So things are looking good. I'm starting to think that I might actually make myself proud on April 17.

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