Monday, February 04, 2013

2013: Week 5

2013: Week 5 by MAStapleton
2013: Week 5, a photo by MAStapleton on Flickr.

EAST London, as quickly captured from the DLR.

In actual fact, I was surprised I got the picture at all. On the way into the Stratford DLR station, I saw this mural and figured it would make a great picture. But eager to get on with the task at hand (buying son a new pair of shoes at Westfield Stratford), we hurried past it when we arrived.

Of course, sod's law meant that when we got back there to get our train home, the doors were about to shut and I couldn't stop to take the picture, as neither one of us had the required energy to wait 10 minutes for the next train. So as soon as we dropped our bags, I ran to the door and snapped several pictures as the train pulled out of the station.

Sure, the EAST isn't as much in focus as I would like. But I love how the tracks are out of focus, which is down purely to the fact that we were on our way.

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