Monday, August 06, 2012

OLYMPIC DAY: Part VI, Subsection (b) - Getting my brother Mike on to the Today Show at the Olympic Park

Flush from the success of my mom being able to watch us watch the Lithuanian basketball game, we headed next door to the area where they were filming The Today Show. I thought this could be our chance for fame and fortune.

The Script, an Irish band, was warming up. Hilariously, the people around me were more excited to see The Script than they were to see The Today Show. More than one person asked me, "What is this?" I'm guessing the show runners put all of the excited Americans in the front row.

More than wanting to get myself on TV, I wanted to get my brother Mike's photo on the television. He is currently fighting leukemia in the U.S. I thought if I could get him on the Today show, that might cheer him up. I've just learned from my parents that he did see it and it did make him smile. Mission accomplished.

Thing One worked his way up to the front row. Meanwhile, I sent out a Facebook status message telling my friends that we were going to be on the show and to look for us behind the Script. I'm glad I did because my friend Susan not only managed to find Thing One, but got this awesome screen grab off her TV. (Even better than the one I just tried to get.) This is all the more impressive because at first she didn't know quite where we were standing, and also because she's never even MET IN PERSON Thing One, only seen pictures. In this instance, Susan wins the gold medal for friendship.

A gold star also has to go to Thing One, who worked his way up to the front of the crowd, but also made sure that Uncle Mike got on TV. Not only that, but he had him moving along to the music.

I also intermittently held up our Go Bam Bam Olympic flag. Here's another screen grab from Susan:

Meanwhile, my cousin Taylor in California was watching the Today show. Not seeing my Facebook status, she saw the picture of Mike and then saw Thing One holding him. "Holy crap!" she said. "They're on TV." Holy crap indeed. She said it made her happy seeing her cousin on TV, halfway around the world. It made me happy that she got to see it by chance. Once again, another gold medal is awarded to the wonders of the Interweb.

If you're wondering why Thing Two wasn't there, the reason is this: he was too tired and wanted to eat his lunch. So that's where he and Mr. MarathonMum are, off screen, sitting on a bench. I'm trying to figure out where I failed as a mother.

You may also be wondering how it is that I happened to have a large picture of my brother's face mounted on a ruler. As a matter of fact, it was one of the first things I always packed when I put together my Olympic event supplies. The reason is I've been taking pictures of "Flat Bam Bam" doing all sorts of Olympic things and putting it in a blog. You can see the blog, "Flat Bam Bam (Like Flat Stanley only way, way cooler)" for yourself here.

Another thing that would cheer up my brother to no end is to register as a bone marrow donor. You can do it in the United Kingdom through either the NHS Give Blood site or the Anthony Nolan Trust. You can register in the U.S. through National Marrow Donor Program. Please register. You could save a life.

If you'd like to see the whole performance for yourself, here's the video. I don't know how long NBC will be keeping it up, so enjoy it while you can. I feel obliged to say that I don't think it's the best use of The Script's talents to have Danny rapping. They are, after all, a band of nice Irish blokes and rapping isn't playing to their strengths. But some of their other songs aren't bad.

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