Thursday, January 25, 2007

SNOW!! (Yes, I'm Shouting)

I hate to be shouting, but we were all terribly excited yesterday morning when we woke up to see a very thin blanket of the white stuff outside. Mr.MarathonMum was the first to see it when he left at 5:45 a.m. He yelled up to me, but didn't tell me why. When I saw what it was, I started jumping around. Believe me, it's a BIG EVENT when it snows in London. Unlike in Chicago, where the novelty would wear off by mid-November, at the latest.

I had just said to him, "There isn't anything that's going to get me out from under this duvet this morning, it's so cold." So actually, there was something: snow.

When Thing One and Thing Two woke up, you would have thought it was Christmas morning all over again. "It snowed! It snowed! It snowed" They shouted, all the way down the stairs as they sought me out to confirm their weather forecast.

"Quick, eat your breakfast, and then we can all go outside and play in it before we have to leave for school," I said. Now this plan was important, because being a veteran London resident of 8 years, I knew the snow was too good to last. We'd be lucky if it was still there at lunchtime. (It wasn't)

"Mom," Thing One said worriedly. "I don't have any snow clothes." I assued him that his winter coat, hat, gloves, thick socks, wellies would be enough winter wear.

Once we got outside, we had a wonderful time making our snowman, throwing snowballs, running, dancing and eating the snow ("It's good," said Thing One. "But it needs sugar.")

At one point, Thing Two was making snowballs and throwing them at the wall. "Stop!" yelled Thing One. "Don't waste it!!!"

It's obvious that Thing One knows how precious and wonderful snow is in London too.

Editor's Note: This post is one day late, as my usual blogging time was taken up the blood test I needed (and will need, every two weeks, in the near term, and monthly for the rest of my life) to make sure my new meds aren't killing me. And yes, it was as fun as it sounds, if you're wondering.

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Anonymous said...

Snow is my favourite and my best!