Friday, January 12, 2007

Happy New Year (Belatedly)

Welcome to 2007, MarathonMum fans.

I know that my output has been pathetic these last few months, and I apologize. To wit, my New Year's Resolutions:

1. Write in my journal every day (So far, so good). This enables me to write about everything, not just those things I think are accepatable for the crazy world out there. I mean, when you get comments from people you don't know and you see that someone in a country you've never visited is reading your blog, you tend to get more cautious about what you want to write about.

2. Post three times a week in MarathonMum. Obviously, there's serious room for improvement here, as we're nearly halfway through the month and this is my first posting. It seems as though I'm going to have to post daily for the rest of the month to make up for my shortcoming in this regard. The last thing I want this blog to become is a memoir of the times when I could run. Which leads me to...

3. Put my arthritis into remission. My doctor is less optimistic about this happening, but he also thinks we'll be able to manage the problem. He still doesn't think I'll be able to run ever again, but a (runner) friend helpfully suggested today that I get a second (third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh) opinion until I hear differently. First, I just want to be able to walk-- hell, sit around-- without feeling pain. Doctor also thinks new scary medicine, I mean GOOD MEDICINE, will pummel the arthritis. at the moment, scary medicine makes the room spin and me very woozy, (lucky I only have to take it once a week), but my body should get used to it eventually. Watch this space.

4. Learn to love biking. New shiny silver beautiful bike awaits me at the bike shop, and hope to pick it up tomorrow. There's no way I'll love it as much as running, but at least it's sort of close. Again, watch this space.

5. Sell something on eBay. I've got no problem at all buying stuff successfully. In fact, the new love of my life, a lime green Francis! Francis! espresso machine came from there right after Christmas. Now it's time to unload some of my own stuff and make some coin.

6. (This one is private and just for me. So there.)

Wishing you and yours a great 2007.

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