Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Last Four Movies I Watched

People who know me appreciate how much I love movies. You only have to read my marathon overnight Oscar posting of 2006 (to be repeated in 2007) to see what I'm talking about.

To wit, I am now going to include a regular feature of the last movie I saw. Because this is the first such posting, I'm going to feature the four movies I've seen since 1.1.07 with a brief review accompanied by a rating out of 10. So without further ado...

1. "Night at the Museum"
Seen: 1.1.07 with Thing One (age 7 1/2) and his Grandfather at the local cinema
What I thought: Very funny, and the effects were pretty good too. The best scene was between Ben Stiller and his mother, Anne Meara, where she tells him (with one raised eyebrow): "You're never going to amount to anything." Thing One loved it, and is eageraly anticipating the DVD.
Rating: For a children's film, I'd give it 9/10. Rating it as a regular fim, I'd give it 6.5/10. I enjoyed myself, and had a good laugh, but no great truths were revealed.

2. "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room"
Seen: 3.1.07 with Mr. MarathonMum
What I thought: Very well done documentary, which compiled all the information and news about how greed, hubris and intelligence intersected.
Rating: Rating it as a regular film, I'd give it 7/10 (it is a documentary after all, so it's a bit dry). But for business journalists, I'd give it 9/10. A must see for anyone covering business.

3. "Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest"
Seen: 6.1.07 on DVD with MarathonMum's Mom and Dad (Mr. MarathonMum gave up after 10 minutes)
What I thought: Absolute rubbish. Terrible nonsensical story. I admit that I was probably at a disadvantage, having not seen the first one, but it should still be able to stand on its own. I can't believe it was the highest-grossing film last year. Terrible, terrible, terrible.
Rating: 1/10. The only reason it didn't get 0/10 is because some of the effects were pretty good, and there are worse things in life than watching Johnny Depp.

4. "Junebug"
Seen: 12.1.07 on DVD while waiting for Mr. MarathonMum to get home.
What I thought: A well done movie, with some really sweet scenes. Amy Adams, who played the sister-in-law, deserved her Oscar nomination. She was fantastic. However, while it did have its moments, it never jelled together to make a fantastic film. I still find myself thinking about today, though.
Rating: 7.5/10 (Worth seeing if you like small independent films with interesteing characters)

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Laura said...

Thanks for the review on 'Pirates of the Carribbean'. I was going to watch that tonight (taped from Sky+) but find someone else to do instead. Depp is tasty but not THAT tasty I can face wasting 90 odd minutes...

I didn't go into 'hiding' as such. In fact, didn't I leave you a comment with my new web address? Anyway, yes it's me {waves frantically}