Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Anniversary MarathonMum!

Dear MarathonMum fans,
Yesterday marks the second anniversary of my MarathonMum blog. Happy Anniversary to us!

It all started in January 2005 on a cold rainy day when I was training for the 2005 London Marathon. I didn't know anything about blogging, and HTML was a distant memory for me, but thanks to the good people at Google, MarathonMum was born. Lots has happened since that rainy January day, lots good, some bad, but such is life. I don't always include everything in my blog, but everything major gets covered one way or the other (even if some major news is imbedded deep in a post).

I just went back and read some of my posts from the winter and spring of 2005. First, I could not believe how small Thing One and Thing Two were then. Second, it was utterly fantastic to read about my training and the marathon-- particularly in these current (and probably permanent) non-running days. I'm not one to blub, but I found myself wiping away several tears as I went back and read those posts. I'm quite certain that it would not have the same effect on any of you.

Thanks to all my friends, family and those who just stumbled upon this blog who've stopped in and read my posts. It's funny to think that people from 49 countries (at least since last year, when I resumed the counter) have read this blog, at least once, and nearly 15,000 people have read my profile page to see who I am. I know I have a lot of friends and family, but not THAT many, so thanks.

[Speaking of which: I'm desperate to get to 50 countries. So if you happen to know someone in a country that isn't listed to the left of this post, please get them to stop in so it will get counted. Luxembourg-- amazingly-- has already checked in, so maybe you know someone in Andorra? Or Brazil? Special thanks to Mr. MarathonMum who has done his bit for the country count on his travels. If you do help me get to Country No. 50, and you can prove it, I'll send you a special MarathonMum chocolate chip cookie as thanks.]

I realize, with a heavy heart, that I have not always been as dilligent with this blog as I should be. As I've said before, sometimes you have to just live life, not write about it. But I am trying my best to improve my performance.

Looking toward the future, I'm still hoping that this blog will lead to something bigger and better, but in the meantime, I'm happy to write about the things that strike my fancy.

Thanks again, everyone, and keep reading!
Love, MarathonMum


Anneke Smit said...

Hi Marathon Mum
I am a Mum from Holland
and wishing you a wonderfull day

Bye and take from now

Laura said...

You've hit 52 at the last count!

Can't take credit for it but at least I'm the first one to point it out.