Thursday, May 11, 2006

David Blaine: Who Cares?

The other day, David Blaine completed his latest "magic trick"-- and I use the term as loosely as I can-- at Lincoln Center in New York. He spent an entire week in what Thing One accurately described as a "fish bowl."

Ho hum.

Why is this magic? I know plenty of people (read: mothers) who would think seven days away from making meals, cleaning up Lego, remembering P.E. kits, and all the other usual tasks was a holiday, albeit one underwater.

Blaine's last stupid human trick, I mean stunt, I mean magic trick, took place just a few miles from here, next to Tower Bridge. For that "event" (I'm trying to be polite) he spent 44 days in a plastic cube suspended next to the bridge. Again, where's the magic in that? And that time, it meant even longer time away, that time 44 days. Where do I sign up?

Apparently, Blaine said this time he took his travelling freak show, I mean MAGIC SHOW (I have to stop doing that) to New York because he didn't feel appreciated in London. While hanging in the box, people did all sorts of funny things, including using a remote-controlled airplane to dangle a hamburger next to his box.

I would argue that was one of London's finest hours. Londoners, and I include myself in this group now, weren't hoodwinked into thinking his "trick" was anything more than a stunt.

Maybe after his failed human fishbowl "magic trick" New Yorkers will agree.

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