Sunday, January 01, 2006

Quotes of 2005

I love the end of the year. The incessant round-ups of best quotes, best pictures, best news stories, best products, celebrity babies, celebrity weddings, celebrity divorces. Some people are so talented they appear on the last two lists concurrently (Renee Zellweger, take a bow).

For me, 2005 was a very good year. Here are some of the best, quirky, most interesting things I said in 2005:

"I finished the London Marathon!!" (April 17)
Crossing the finish line meant I could cross running a marathon off of my life list.

"Mr. MarathonMum got a promotion." (December 12)
Working 14-hour days pays off. Now he can work around the clock, with worldwide travel thrown in for fun.

"We unexpectedly sold our flat." (December 12)
Yes, December 12 was a big day. And yes, when I say "unexpectedly," I mean it. The estate agent called us out of the blue, saying they had a buyer who was looking for a flat exactly like hours. We tidied up a bit, but didn't give it much thought. An hour after he left, he made us an offer. Now we need to find a house!

"We can't use the car, because my car keys are in Italy." (December)
My car keys unexpectedly take a Roman holiday in Mr. MarathonMum's pocket.

"Happy 10th Anniversary!"
MarathonMum and Mr. MarathonMum celebrate 10 years of marriage. Hooray for us!

"We'll be in five different countries today!" (May)
MarathonMum and family travel through England, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany en route to their holiday.

"You inspired me to run the marathon, because I figured, if you can run a restaurant empire and train for it, I can certainly do it pushing my 18-month old." (December)
MarathonMum swaps marathon war stories with Gordon Ramsay, who gave her a kiss and said (twice!), "Well done!"

"Wow, this Emmy sure is heavy." (August)
MarathonMum gets to hold a real Emmy, won by her friend, Ted Allen of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy fame.

"Baseball is a lot like cricket." (July)
MarathonMum's response to her five-year-old's question, "What's baseball, Mom?"

"How is Iran?" (April)
Mr. MarathonMum travels to the Axis of Evil for an OPEC meeting.

Here's to more great quotes, laughs and fun in 2006.


Elle said...

Great summary of your year with quotes like that.

The one I envy most is the Gordon Ramsay one. Don't ask me why but I have a thing for arrogent men who run the marathon. Alistair Campbell being the other one. Sad isn't it.

Congratulations on the house. It must have been a great offer if you are immediately prepared to go.

May 2006 be equally good for you and your family.

Elle said...

if only I could write ARROGANT.

There. Done it.

Michelle Mitchell said...

what a year, wishing you and your family love health and happiness for 2006.