Monday, March 11, 2013

2013: Week 10

2013: Week 10 by MAStapleton
2013: Week 10, a photo by MAStapleton on Flickr.
In Week 10 of 2013, I had a variety of events from which to choose my weekly image. This past week we had World Book Day, me trying (and failing) to see a taping of the Graham Norton Show at the BBC Television Centre, and finally, Mothering Sunday.

These pussy willows were given to me by my sons on Mothering Sunday. No fool me, I put in a specific request for them on Saturday to give them a steer on what I would like. Early on Sunday morning, the two boys went out to the flower lady down the street and got them for me. When I finally got up (Saturday had been a very late night), they were waiting for me on the dining room table, along with my cards, some chocolates, some hand-made gifts and the Sunday Observer.

Pussy willows are my absolute favourite flowers of March. My Gramps had a massive pussy willow bush, so every March when he came to visit, he would arrive with an armload of them to give to us. (Now at £3 for 3 stems, the armload was worth a fortune in today's market. But I digress.) So whenever I see them, I think of him: his kindness, his love of reading and his dry wit.

Happy Mothering Sunday everyone.

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