Monday, March 08, 2010

Oscars: 2:29 a.m.

Seems slightly inappropriate that Carey Mulligan and Zoe Salanda enter to the tune of, "Thank Heavens for Little Girls." I think both should get an Oscar for navigating those stairs with those shoes and those trains. Any time they saved by not singing all of the Oscar songs has now evaporated due to the over-long introduction to the Animated Shorts Oscar award.

Oh no! Wallace and Gromit lose! This is terrible. More long faces at the breakfast table tomorrow morning.

Ben Stiller as Avatar. Are they ever going to let that poor man come to the Oscars in a tux? He is funny. Ironic that he's doing the Best Makeup award in makeup for a movie not nominated for it.

Time for a Dodgeball reference, just because I can: "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball."


Camilla said...

Back to the Dude!

Maureen Stapleton said...

I get the whole Past Connection to the Nominee thing to announce the Best PIcture, but it just seems confusing to have Jeff Bridges do it for the Coens.

Do you think he'll get a Dude reference in before he finishes? Sadly, no.

Kathryn Quigley said...

Stapes, do you have to go to work tomorrow?? Aiiie. I am tired and it's not even10 pm

Camilla said...

Maybe in his acceptance speech. He's all but guaranteed the award.
You need to go to my profile. I posted a link to an article about the greatest Oscar mistakes. I knew about some of them but had no idea about others.
A few comments:
Not sure Steve and Alec are holding up. Javier Bardem looks amazing. Jake and Reese need to get back together. Rachel McAdams and Elizabeth Banks are each other's long lost twin.

Maureen Stapleton said...

@Quigs: No. That's a whole different story.

But I do believe tomorrow will be Nap Day.

I'm impressed I'm still awake, and I still haven't had coffee or chocolate tart.

Just had a minor quick heart attack when I lost my Oscar feed. It's back.

Kathryn Quigley said...

No, no. Jake should date Rachel McAdams.
And Quuen Latifah looked a-ma-zing.
Robin Williams made a balls joke. Heh.

Camilla said...

Mo'Nique won. No surprise there. Did you all see Samuel Jackson make a face?
Robin was funny, and yet quite understated for him.

Maureen Stapleton said...

Robin had to be understated, since he was standing in for Heath Ledger.

Just saw "A Dark Knight" on Saturday, by the way. I couldn't believe (a) that it was a 12-- HOW?? and (b) how great Heath was in it.

Camilla said...

Ah! Didn't think of Heath.
Yes! Very violent and what an amazing performance...the upside of having a teenager that is still OK with going to the movies with me.