Monday, October 10, 2005

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner!

Last night, while killing time waiting for "Lost" (The Most Excellent Show Currently on the Telly) to start, I watched some snippets of "Dirty Dancing." For Women of a Certain Age, this is a seminal movie. While watcing, I realized/mulled over several important things:
1. Patrick Swayze spends most of the movie shirtless.
2. The plot roughly follows that of "Rocky", i.e. underdog wins the contest and gets the girl/guy.
3. I can still remember where I saw it (The Barn, Doylestown) and with whom I saw it in 1987.
4. I also remembered that I wasn't such a huge fan of it when I saw it, but I think it's grown on me over the years.
5. The theme song was used by our friend for her first dance at her wedding. The wedding was actually quite scandalous, by Villanova standards, because she got pregnant her freshman year. It was a classic shotgun wedding. They are still together, though, the last I heard.
6. What has happened to poor Jennifer Grey?
7. The classic line, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner!" actually is said quite quickly by Johnny Castle/Patrick Swayze.


Kathryn Quigley said...

Have you ever seen "Roadhouse?" Now THAT is an excellent 1980s Patrick Swayze movie. He is a bouncer with a philosophy degree and also spends much of the movie shirtless. My favorite scene is when he does Tai Chi (shirtless) by the river.

*lynne* said...


I visit you via Little Neo's random blog directory.

Your "dirty Dancing" trip down memory lane had me smiling... my b/f has quoted the "nobody puts baby in a corner" so often but I don't remember that from the movie at all!

What I do remember? "Guh-gung, guh-gung" ... you'll know what I'm talking about *grin!*

All the best for the upcoming marathon!