Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Running News

My training for the RunLondon continues apace, for the most part.

I ran 6 miles Sunday, only to be overtaken in the park in the last mile by a gazelle-like friend. I felt like shouting after her, "I've done six! How many have you done?" but resisted. The only problem was my back, which hurt quite a bit and is related to my previous problems with my hip. But I did two hours of pilates on Monday with My Most Excellent Teacher, so that seemed to help.

Now I'm wrestling with the decision of whether or not I want to carry my iPod with me during the race. I'm beginning to suspect that having music might slow me down. My friend Susan, who is an Ironman Triathelete (amazing), competes without music because she says it's important to be in the flow of your own performance. I'm beginning to think she's on to something, because I don't want to be distracted by a song I hate as I approach the finish line, which is what happened to me last year at RunLondon. Watch this space.


Michelle Mitchell said...

hope your back is doing abit better

Matt Whyndham said...

I'ev tried music when running, and instantly disliked it. I find if the rhythm is not exactly right, it breaks up my flow. Not good.

I used to think that a radio, just talk radio for company, would help over long solo runs, but I've abandoned that too. Too many niggles like signal fading and earphones slipping about.

Your friend is right, there's so much to be thinking about with the actual act of running. That and the scenery.