Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Snowy Day!!!

It's snowing! I am using so many exclamation marks because we only get one snowfall a year in London, if we're lucky. It's a beautiful snow, too, really big clumps of snowflakes that make looking outside like looking in a shake-it-up-snowglobe.

Consequently, the snow has made conditions somewhat adverse for running, with the cold and the snow, but my trainer and I ventured forth just the same. (See picture above). But the conditions are bad only if you need to train for a marathon, not if you are, say, five years old and hoping to go sledding in the park. In that case, it wouldn't be adverse (there isn't enough snow to do so) it would be "disappointing."

And when I say adverse, I mean for London. Weather like this would be springtime in Chicago. Living here for six years has made me less hearty than I used to be.

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TheCarters said...

Seems things are going well with you all. Same here. Busy with school, baseball, soccer, swimming lessons and just about everything else under the sun.

Take care and good luck with your training.

The Carters