Friday, February 04, 2005

Out Sick

This week my training regimine has been interrupted by a terrible cold. I'm sure you're thinking, "A cold? Is she serious? How will she finish 26 miles if she can't even beat a cold?"

Oh, but believe me, this one is a doozy. Perhaps it was the training day out in the rain (see below). Maybe it was the fact that I keep forgetting to eat more fruit and vegetables, even though I should. Maybe I've been pushing myself too hard. Maybe it was all of those things, but the end result is I haven't been out for a run since Monday. I'm worrying quite a lot about the days I'm missing, but given that I feel like I've been knocking on death's door, there's not a lot I can do about it.

I'm hoping I'll still be able to do my long run on Sunday, but it doesn't look good, given that I can't even climb our stairs without losing my breath.

I know I'll live, but will I finish?

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