Monday, March 08, 2010

Oscars: Red Carpet Coverage (Part III)

George Clooney, always charming, looks awfully tired but is being very charming with the innane SkyOne interviewer. But he did say he hopes Jeff Bridges wins for "Crazy Heart." Classy.

Serendipity! Here's Jeff Bridges now, also being interviewed on SkyOne. Even though I haven't seen Crazy Heart, I hope he wins because he's awesome in everything he's ever been in. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury I submit to you: The Fabulous Baker Boys, The Fisher King, The Big Lebowski, even Fearless (seen by about six people, including me and Mr. MarathonMum). George Clooney was fantastic in "Up in the Air," so Jeff Bridges must be pretty good to beat George. We'll see. Bonus Points if he works in a reference to "The Big Lebowski" in his speech if he does win.

Kate Winslet looks very pretty, but I also worry that she seems to be disappearing. Are they letting her eat these days?

Charlize Theron: Big Mistake with the "Look At My Boobs!" dress. This will not go over well, I predict.

Cameron Diaz just waltzed in at the last minute, but finally, after years of wearing really kooky dresses to Oscar night, looks like the former model that she is. Maybe she fired her former stylist.

Wow. I can't believe it. The pre-game show is over, and it's on to the Main Event. I haven't even had a coffee yet. Might be time to do that now before things kick off.


Camilla said...

Re. Jeff Bridges: He's the dude.

Maureen Stapleton said...

AND he can sing!

But above all, you're right: He's The Dude.

Camilla said...

I need to hear your thoughts on Antonio's beard.

Maureen Stapleton said...

I didn't get to see it. Too much switching between channels. I'd put good money on the fact that it must be for some sort of part (see: Viggo Mortensen for "The Road" two years ago). Though saying that, Jon Hamm/Don Draper said at the Golden Globes that his beard was down to pure laziness, so maybe it's that.

Camilla said...

OK. Finally saw Kate and Jeff. Both look great. Zoe's dress... a little too Little Mermaid.

Maureen Stapleton said...

There's too much going on with Zoe's dress, I have to say, but she's still probably the most beautiful woman there.

(Besides, who's to say that if I had to pick my dress for my first Oscars that I wouldn't go Over The Top too?)

Maureen Stapleton said...

Just saw Antonio's beard. Good God, no.

Kathryn Quigley said...

"Oh look! It's the floating wood sprites of Avatar!"