Monday, March 08, 2010

Oscars: 2:47 a.m.

Oh! There's Matt Damon!! I read on my Twitter feed he was going home after he lost in the Best Supporting Actor category. I guess he changed his mind.

A really good speech from Mo'Nique, who wins, as predicted, for Best Supporting Actress in Precious.

Can someone please tell me what Colin Firth's connection to "An Education" is? Or did they think, "Oh, he's British. They all know each other over there, don't they?" OK. Just thought of a tenous link: He starred in "Fever Pitch", based on the book by Nick Hornby, who adapted "An Education". (You're welcome, my American friends.)


Camilla said...

BAFTA winners.

Maureen Stapleton said...

It's got to be the "Fever Pitch" connection.

Camilla said...

How are you holding up. Had coffee yet?....omg. Charlize's "look-at-my-boobs dress!

Maureen Stapleton said...

No coffee yet! Not even a piece of chocolate tart, either!

At this point, I'll probably skip the coffee, but I wouldn't say no to the tart when I start to flag soon.

(I did a 10k race this morning, but, to be fair, I did have a three-hour disco nap tonight, which is helping).

Camilla said...

I'm with you, sister, until the end!