Monday, March 08, 2010

Oscars: 1:46 a.m.

OK. Best supporting actor is out of the way, but we're already on to the only category this family cares about: Best Animated Feature.

We all voted for Fantastic Mr. Fox. Don't get me wrong, Up was great, and I won't be disappointed if it wins, but I thought Mr. Fox was, well, Fantastic. I've seen it three times now in theatres, and it holds up: it's clever, it's hilarious, it's inventive and it's faithful to the book.

The winner is: Up.

OK, that's all fine, but I still think that Fantastic Mr. Fox was better, and I say this as a HUGE Pixar fan. (Note to self: Does this mean that our "Up" art book, signed by director Pete Doctor and another name we can't decipher, is now actually worth more?)

Maybe this is why George Clooney seems grumpy: he knows he'll be losing out on all of the awards that he's up for tonight.

Sadness at the breakfast table tomorrow, I have to say.


Camilla said...

I think this was the first year that we didn't see any of the animated kid's getting old ;-(
Was that Colin Farrell?

Maureen Stapleton said...

I know! I thought that too! But it must be the other guy who won, Ryan Bingham. You and I are never going to be experts in country music, let's face it, but that's not a bad thing.

Camilla said...

Wow. John Hughes tribute.