Monday, September 21, 2009

Thing Two Loses First Tooth

Thing Two has been telling us for weeks that he has a wobbly tooth. However, given his propensity to liberally engage with the truth, I did not post a Wobbly Tooth Watch, as I did with Thing One. But even the Boy Who Cried Wolf eventually did see a wolf, and, so Thing Two really was telling the truth.

Thing Two, who we also call Mr. Movie for his love of things cinematic, was, appropriately enough, at the movies watching "Night at the Museum 2" when the tooth finally fell out. It obviously had been wobbling for quite a while because there was no blood at the scene.

Sharp-eyed readers also will notice that he is wearing is Gryffindor tie. This is not because he wanted to look smart for the tooth fairy, but because we were attending a reading awards ceremony sponsored by the library, which Thing Two won.

So all in all, a big day for our little man, who is one step closer to growing up.

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