Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is it the end of the world as we know it?

The big topic at the breakfast table this morning, following reports on Radio 4 dubbing it Big Bang Day, was the possibility that the world as we know it will end today when scientists in Switzerland attempt to recreate the moments after the Big Bang.

I explained that some people thought that it was possible that doing so would mean that the world would come to an end. I kept assuring them that I didn't think that would happen, but it was too late. They were convinced it was ALL OVER.

Panic and laughter then ensued, and believe me, it's difficult to maintain both at the same time.

Thing Two ran down to the kitchen as I was making their lunches. "I just want to tell you something before the world explodes," he said. "Goodbye. I love you."

He then returned upstairs so he and his brother could continue their panicked screaming and laughter.

Thing One then popped his head downstairs. "Hey, Mom. Do you think I should prepare my last will and testament?"

Again, I assured him that while some people thought that the experiment would go awry, I, along with millions of scientists thought it would be fine.

However, as I was curious as to who would get what in his will-- despite the fact that we would all be dead in his scenario-- I asked him what he had to leave behind. Thing Two would get his Nintendo DS, which I thought was very sweet. I would get all of his stuffed friends. His father would get the Playstation. I then asked what would become of Blanket, which he still (shhh!) can't sleep without. "Oh, mom. Blanket is coming with me!"

While getting dressed, Thing Two said to me, "Mom, I want a smart shirt today. I want to look nice for the last day in the history of the world." And indeed he did, with his smart button down shirt and khakis.

We arrived at school, having managed to not do the hula, and to remember to wear our shoes, when I turned to the boys and said, "Have the best LAST day of school ever!"

I think they will be disappointed to learn that all went well in Switzerland.

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