Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Opening Day in the Playground

As it was baseball's opening day this week, Thing Two thought* it only appropriate that he wear his baseball glove to school. 

*In actual fact, he found the glove in the bottom of the hat basket and said, "Wow. This is cool. What is it?" Such is the life of an American expat living abroad.

When he saw his best friend E he said, "Look at my baseball glove!"

E's mum tried to explain what it was. "Baseball is a lot like boxing."

"Well, no," I gently corrected her, and then explained to E, "It's more like cricket. Except there are no wickets. But they do use a bat, though its long and tapered, rather than long and flat."

I added, "The players wear baseball hats," knowing that E knew what a baseball hat was.

E's mum, who was still trying to be helpful added, "Yes, and the players wear big shoulder pads to protect themselves from the other players."

When I stopped laughing, I told her, "No. Wrong sport. That's American football. Why don't you leave the American explanations to the expert?"

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