Sunday, September 09, 2007

Back at School

Thing One and Thing Two returned to school Tuesday. It was a sad day all around. They were sad because they knew it was an end to the lazy days of summer where normal operating rules do not apply. I was sad because they were gone and I missed them.

A week before, I kept thinking, "Hooray! Back to school! Two whole hours a day to myself!" But this morning, I kept thinking, "Back to school ALREADY? Summer was too short. Please, can't we just have another week?"

The sadness really surprised me, but the real shocker occurred when Thing One left me at the school door. Now that he is a Junior, and all grown up in the school's estimation, I drop him at the door and makes his way to his classroom. Previously, I left him at the door of the classroom, which enabled me to see his classmates, chat with his teacher if need be, and confirm that he made it to where he needed to be.

Thing One happily gave me a kiss, told me to have a great day, and he was off. I almost started to cry. It's such a small thing, having him go upstairs to his classroom, but all of the sudden he seemed so grown up to me. And all of the sudden, I could almost see all sorts of scenes from his short life flash before my eyes. I could hardly believe the cute curly-haired boy who taught me how to be a mother was now going off on his own.

When my boys were babies, it seems as though I always thought, "Faster. Faster. Faster," as I struggled though the monotony and hard work of looking after them. Now that they're older and more independent, I find myself thinking, "Slower. Slower. Slower," because I know soon enough they will both be more than happy to run ahead, and go off on their own.

Note: To see how much they've grown in the last year, go here.


RandomReality said...

My Little Dude started at a new daycare today and I am all weepy about it. But apparently he did okay.
I know what you mean about time. Right now, with him being so little, my days feel sooooooo looooooong and endless. I can't imagine what it will be like when he is older.
And hey, at least Thing 1 kissed you goodbye! That is sweet.

Luci Jankowski McClure said...

Hi Maureen!
Luci Jankowski McClure here from our Nova days! I spotted your blog while on Quigs' blog. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading some of our entries. Congrats on the marathon! You have a lovely family. I too have 2 boys (CJ age 8 in 2nd grade and Thomas age 5 in K) who are the loves of my life and just brilliant (as you'd say in the UK). I too am a full-time-mom at home and I love it! You are spot on about time....the days do seem to be rushing by and I was also disappointed to see summer end because we had so much fun. I hope you don't mind if I peek at your blog every now and then. Take care, Luci